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Getting started with Manifold is easy. We offer a range of hosting plans and service packages to help.

Not everyone has the time or capacity to publish projects on their own. We can help set up your installation, manage your hosting, provide training and on-going production support, publish projects, and follow through with technical support.

Choose a Hosting Plan

We can host your installation on Manifold Cloud servers or you can manage your installation with your own server infrastructure. Select a plan below, answer a few questions, and you’ll be publishing in no time.

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Training Service Bundles

We also offer training packages. The Manifold team has experience publishing monographs, journals, digital humanities projects, open educational resources, classroom materials, and much more.
Getting Started Package
  • Get started using Manifold with comprehensive web-based training for your team on Manifold’s front- and back-end interfaces.

  • This training is customized to the type of content that you publish, whether you publish enhanced digital books, journals, OERs, or other materials.

  • We’ll share our expertise and experience with you and your team.

Book Publisher Training Package
  • This training focuses on book publishing, including creating projects and learning the different types of components that can be used to build projects

  • Creating project collections & metadata

  • Learn about media resources and creating resource collections

  • Creating reading groups and reader engagement

OER Training Package
  • Learn to set up projects, roles, and permissions;

  • Foster engagement and feedback in the classroom through the use of resources and annotation;

  • Set up classroom reading groups

  • Assignment design

  • Building OER libraries.

Custom Training Package
  • Create a training package customized to your staff needs.

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